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International Watershed Studies (IWS) at Texas State University is an emerging theme devoted to enhancing our ability to manage and utilize our freshwater resources (lakes, rivers, wetlands, groundwater aquifers), and the myriad of life-supporting services they provide, in a sustainable manner. IWS's activities revolve around the development, analysis and implementation of integrated, ecosystem-based assessment and management approaches directed toward meeting both human well-being and economic development needs, while also maintaining the ecological integrity and productivity of these important freshwater systems. Interdisciplinary by the nature of its mission, IWS addresses both the scientific/technical and the socio-economic/governance elements that comprise the core of integrated approaches to managing our finite, sensitive and irreplaceable freshwater resources.

Director: Walter Rast, PhD
Associate Director: Vicente Lopes, PhD
International Project Advisor: Emily Warren, MSES, MPA
International Project Advisor: Meredith Miller, MSB